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Dhikala is the most well known and popluar tourist destinations in Corbett. It is located at the edge of the broad Patli Dun valley through which the Ramganga flows in numerous channels. Dhikala offers an awesome uninterrupted panoramic view. Details


Jhirna is located on the southern periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve. It is one of the man animal conflict zone years ago. Jhirna was one of the three villages which have been relocated to other places for the sake of the conflict. Details


Adjoining Corbett national park lies sitavani reserve forest which is now a part of elephant project. A four wheel drive in the forest of sitavani provides a perfect opportunity to view wildlife in its natural surroundings. There is also ancient sitavani temple.Details
Bird Watching Tour in Corbett National Park

Bird Watching Safaris :

Birds occupy a very significant place in Indian culture and tradition. The steed of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe, is a giant bird. The epic Ramayana tells of a bird injured trying to rescue the kidnapped wife of Lord Rama. The bird song of the koel signifies the end of winter. The cawing of a crow indicates the arrival of guests - the inclusion of birds in myths and superstitions is endless.Details
Nature Walk in Corbett National Park
You can explore the richness of flora and fauna with the Safari that unfolds the beauty of the Jim Corbett Park in India. Wildlife Safari of this park is a delight for adventure lovers and wildlife photographers. Away from the confines of mundane life, the Corbett Nature walk i is a journey into the world that is still untouched by mechanization.

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  • This longtime favourite has changed its name and moved to a new location. It's still surrounded by gardens and mango trees and still has the same terrific owner, Karan Singh – but the rooms and the restaurant are all brand new. Hands-down, the best place to stay in Ramnagar. Karan runs highly recommended jeep safaris in Corbett.
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