Tourism Zone's

Jhirna Zone

This forest rest house is with an interior of the southern limit of the Park. The rest house is on the road of Ramnagar to Kalagarh that turns in an East-West direction through the Park.

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Sitavani Zone

A buffer forest zone just outside (but contiguous to) Corbett National Park. Has a temple dedicated to Sita - apparently this is where Sita brought up Luv and Kush.

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Dhikala Zone

Dhikala is one of the most popular sought after tourist accommodation in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Herd of elephants and spotted deers pack the vast expanse of famous Dhikala Chaur.

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Bijrani Zone

Birjani Tourist Zone is a very popular area of the spectacular Corbett Tiger Reserve. This zone is enriched with a huge number of floral and faunal species.

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Gairal Zone

Gairal FRH is located inside Dhikala Zone. This is a newly renovated FRH with neat, spacious , clean rooms with good hospitality. Its around 2 hours drive from the Main gate of Jim Corbet National Park.

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Sultan Range

Sultan is the first rest house during the drive from Dhangarhi to Dhikala. It is named after the Sultan Sot, the seasonal stream running through that area. It typifies dense forest area and is located in one of the best stretches in the Park.

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